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Fri, 01 May 2020 - 10:58 GMT


Fri, 01 May 2020 - 10:58 GMT

File - Kheyanat Ahd poster.

File - Kheyanat Ahd poster.

CAIRO - 1 May 2020: A week into Ramadan and people are still unsure about what TV drama to follow and which one to avoid and we at Egypt Today have tried to round up a small collection of Ramadan series that we have been evaluating after seven episodes.

W Neheb Tany Leih (Why Would We Fall in Love Again?)

W Neheb Tany Leih (Why Do We Fall in Love Again?) has to be one of the best series on offer this Ramadan, away from actions, drugs and murder W Neheb Tany Leih (Why Do We Fall in Love Again?) is a simple boy meets girl love triangle that is a mixture of light comedy and romance. Ghalyea played by Yasmine Abdel Aziz suddenly finds herself alone with her daughter after her husband Abdallah played by Sherif Moneer decides that he is bored of being married and divorced her. Ghalyea moves in with her mother and grandmother played by the exceptional duo of Sawsan Badr and Laila Ezz El-Arab who both dislike and distrust men and keen for Ghalyea to remain single. But this seems unlikely as Ghalyea starts to fall in love with the suave Murad played by Karim Fahmy but its clear that the path of love will not run smoothly for the pair.

Rating; 9/10

Verdict: Definitely worth following and sticking to it for many factors that make it a must watch. At a time when we are stuck at home with so many uncertainties, you want to unwind with something light but provides an escape from our reality and who does not like a romantic comedy? Also the dialogue between the four female generations is written with such a way that every person can relate to the conversation between them as we have all endured a similar family setting. Finally the theme song of the series sang by Medhat Saleh is one of the best theme songs this Ramadan its relevant, catchy and will stay in people's memory well beyond Ramadan.

Layalina 80 (Our Nights)

The series began with the assassination of the Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat in 1981 which coincides with a car accident that tears two family apart as the taxi driver Radhi played by Muhammad Adel loses his leg and the passenger Jameela loses her eye sight leaving both mothers seeking revenge on one another.

Layalina stars Ghada Adel, Eyad Nassar, Khaled El-Sawy, and Sabrine.

Rating :7/10

Verdict : Although the series has great potential but the slow pace of action is disengaging viewers as many are turning away but it is worth pursuing as the story has yet to fully unravel and the superb portrayal of the broken mother of Sabrine is definitely a joy to watch, coupled with Khaled el Sawy's acting of the widow who still lives with the memory of his deceased wife as though she is still present. The return of Ghada Adel to the TV screen is another factor to stick with the TV series and of course the presence of Eyad Nassar who has proven time and time again that any role he takes on he excels in.

Al-Fetewa (The Strong Man)

The series is set during the era of the fetewas (leaders of alleys) in Egypt during the 1850s, in the world of ghettos and shabby neighborhoods which were controlled by a group of thugs who bore the responsibility of the people. Yasser Galal is the disguised warrior who defends the poor against the rich, often fighting his childhood friend Ahmed Salah Hosni. The series also stars Naglaa Badr, Mai Omar, Riyad El-Kholy, Ahmed Khalil, Hanady Mahanna, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, and Laila Ahmed Zaher.

Rating; 7/10

Verdict: The series grabs the viewers attention and keeps you entertained, therefore its one to keep watching not just of the factor of good versus evil but for the love story that is about to unfold between Mai Omar and Yasser Galal

Kheyanat Ahd (Ahd’s Betrayal)

As we are accustomed to most of Yousra's TV drama in the past, the plot follows the same pattern of the good , loving Yousra who is wronged and betrayed by people around her. Ahd is a woman whose life revolves around her family as she tries to protect and help them yet they are plotting against her without her knowledge. The series stars Hala Shiha, Khaled Anwar, Abeer Sabry and Hanady Mehana.

Rating: 6/10

Verdict: it's a difficult to form an opinion pertaining to Kheyanat Ahd because there is nothing new in the series, the plot, characterization and dialogue is very familiar to the previous series that Yousra performed in collaboration with Al-Adel Group .

Yet our verdict is to carry on watching it for the same reason, familiarity makes the viewer more comfortable because he/she can predicts what will happen and even the potential ending, it's a safe viewing with no surprises so when the series ends you won't be disappointed because you know beforehand the plot finale.

Yousra's TV series are akin to a marriage relationship that is dictated by routine and out of habit because it represents a safe option for the bored couples to stay together and watch, that explains why the viewers will keep on watching Yousra TV series. One positive aspect that should keep the viewers entertained is the theme song of Ahd sang by the popular Mustafa Hagag, it's certainly one of the better theme songs that are on offer this year.



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