Ramadan suggests paying salary to suspended pilot


Sun, 23 Feb 2020 - 03:23 GMT

Ashraf Abul Yusr (Left), and Mohamed Ramadan - compiled photo

Ashraf Abul Yusr (Left), and Mohamed Ramadan - compiled photo

CAIRO - 23 February 2020: During his interview with “El-Tasea (Ninth)" program broadcast on Channel 1, Mohamed Ramadan extended a proposal to solve the crisis of the suspended pilot.

“If the pilot accepts, I am willing to pay him a monthly salary until a decision is taken on the lawsuit he filed against me,” said Ramadan

The controversial star further commented, “I uploaded a video for the suspended pilot claiming that he is the 'government'. I also have an additional video that could lock up the pilot for a criminal charge. If I were a bad person, I could easily upload it, and if I do, all those who defend the pilot will apologize to me. However, I decided to keep this video and use it in the court of law.”

Ramadan added during his conversation that he did not do anything wrong in the suspended pilot’s incident. He claimed that the Civil Aviation Authority did not sue him for any wrongdoing, and that it only took actions against the pilot.

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