Ramadan denies allegations of suspended pilot


Thu, 13 Feb 2020 - 02:59 GMT

Ashraf Abul Yusr (Left), and Mohamed Ramadan - compiled photo

Ashraf Abul Yusr (Left), and Mohamed Ramadan - compiled photo

CAIRO - 13 February 2020: Mohamed Ramadan was keen to comment again on what happened between him and the captain of the plane, Ashraf Abul Yusr, explaining that the pilot was aware of filming the video.

Mohamed Ramadan on Twitter

انا مكدبتش لما قولت ان الكابتن عارف ان في فيديو بيتصور .. وانا معرفش قوانين الطيران المدني ولو حضرته قالي ممنوع الدخول مكنتش هزعل ..

Ramadan posted a new video through his Twitter account, commenting: “I did not lie when I said the captain was aware of filming the video in the cockpit. I am not familiar with the regulations of the civil aviation authority. If the captain informed me that it was forbidden for me to enter the cockpit I would have understood that and I would not be upset. Despite all the aforementioned, I swear to God that I will not leave the captain in despair and I have strong faith in God that his suspension will be revoked.”

It is worth noting that Ramadan appeared in a video, detailing what happened between him and the pilot Ashraf Abul Yusr, who was suspended from work permanently and prevented from flying, confirming that he succeeded in providing him with a job offer, and confirmed that Abul Yusr asked him for monetarily compensation totaling up to L.E 9.5 M, which equals his salary in 3 years, his pension and the end of service gratuity.

However, Abul Yusr denied these allegations, confirming that he did not ask Ramadan for any monetary compensation. The pilot affirmed that he will resort to the judiciary system and requested those concerned in the Civil Aviation Authority to review the punishment.



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