Ramadan causes more controversy after storming restaurant in Imbaba


Tue, 18 Feb 2020 - 05:25 GMT

Ramadan in Imbaba - ET

Ramadan in Imbaba - ET

CAIRO - 18 February 2020: Owner of a popular restaurant in Cairo’s Imbaba district, Naser el-Prince, stated that the controversial actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan filmed a video clip in his restaurant without his permission.

According to Prince, the story started when he was informed that Ramadan is on his way to his restaurant in Imbaba.

Prince stated he was relaxing at home when he received this news. He quickly instructed his workers to prepare a table for 20 people for Ramadan and his companions.

Furthermore, Prince explained that he was shocked when he found out that Ramadan was not coming to his restaurant to dine, he actually came with the intention of shooting a video clip without permission.

The startled restaurant owner explained through a video that he started seeing seven or eight camera men shooting a clip for Ramadan, which infuriated him.

Prince said in the video he made that he decided to call Ramadan’s producer Tarek Negara and inquire about the incident. He claims that Negara threatened him and told him “You'd better stay quiet and not mention what is happening.”

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Naturally, this infuriated the restaurant owner even more. “What does he mean by saying that? Are you threatening me? You can't just show up in people’s businesses and threaten them while shooting a video clip without their consent!” said Prince in the video he released.

The angry restaurant owner clarified that countless celebrities visited his restaurant and that he never had a problem with any of them. He said that before taking a picture or a video of someone, it is ethical to ask for their permission.

Nasser el-Prince later said that he is going to sue Mohamed Ramadan for shooting a video clip in his restaurant without his consent.

It seems like Ramadan is losing a lot of his popularity, especially after the controversial incidence of the suspended pilot, who lost his aviation license while he was flying Ramadan to Jeddah for a concert.

Ramadan asked to take a memorial photo in the cockpit with the captain, promising him that it is only for personal use. Later, the pilot was shocked to see the photo was actually a video that Ramadan uploaded on his social media accounts, with music in the background.

This incident caused great controversy in the Egyptian and Arab communities, especially that the pilot was suspended for life from operating any flights.

Ashraf Abul-Yusr, the suspended pilot, sued Mohamed Ramadan seeking L.E 25 million in compensation.

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