Mars - CC via howstuffworks, 
Mars - CC via howstuffworks,

'Journey to Mars' workshop to be held in Future Library on Aug. 22

Thu, Aug. 22, 2019
CAIRO - 22 August 2019: Secretary General of the Heliopolis Society Nabil Helmy stated that activities of the workshop “Journey to Mars” will be launched in Future Library on Aug. 22 .

The workshop targets children between 9 and 15 years old and includes a range of activities that develop their skills of questioning, research and exploration.

Helmy further stated that the workshop will take children on a virtual tour to Mars to learn exciting facts and statistics about the solar system and space travel, clarifying that the workshop will encourage children to learn about the benefits of space exploration and to become more interested in the subject as it may be the field of their future study.

For his part, Director of the library Fouad Adly said, "The workshop is run by Essam Gouda, the president of the Egyptian Society of Astronomy and a member of the Arab Union of Space and Astronomy. Gouda will answer the children's questions, and will tackle the difference between outer space travel and ground travel; the things that facilitate our lives on Earth and their presence in space; how to deal with the lack of water, food, gravity, temperature and atmospheric pressure; and other facts that will be presented to children in a fun and easy way through experience and visual means."

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