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Ahmed el Fishawy sentenced to one month in prison

Sun, Aug. 18, 2019
CAIRO - 18 August 2019: The Khalifa family court sentenced Ahmed el Fishawy to one month in prison for refraining from providing the expenses of his daughter Lina from his ex-wife Hend el-Hennawy in the lawsuit number 86.

Lawyer Shaaban Said was representing Hend el-Hennawy who filed a lawsuit against al-Fishawy, for refraining from paying alimony in favor of his daughter Lina, estimated at LE 234,600.

The court issued a one month sentence against Fishawy, especially that documents proving his ability to pay the alimony was presented by the lawyer.

Hennawy’s lawyer said that the verdict against al-Fishawi is enforceable and cannot be appealed, and that in the event of his arrest, he would be obliged to start his sentence, or to pay alimony to his daughter.

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