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August 2019 concerts map

Mon, Jul. 22, 2019
CAIRO - 22 July 2019: A number of singing stars in Egypt and the Arab world are currently preparing for concerts in summer 2019, specifically in the month of August.

The concerts will be held in numerous touristic spots in Egypt and abroad. Among these stars are Tamer Hosny, Nagwa Karam and Mohamed Ramadan.

Tamer Hosny

Super star Tamer Hosny is set to perform during the month of August in Egypt’s North Coast. The star is expected to present a selection of his most popular hits. The star is also expected to present numerous surprises for his fans.

Mohamed Ramadan

In Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah, star Mohamed Ramadan is set to perform during the month of August. During the concert, Ramadan will perform several of his popular songs for his Saudi fans, including “Mafia”, “Ana el Malek” (I am the king), “Boom Boom”, “Baba”, among others.

Mohamed Nour

Singer Mohamed Nour is preparing to perform two concerts in August in the United States of America. The star is expected to perform a selection of songs from his latest album which is expected to be released within the next few days.

Nagwa Karam

Lebanese superstar Nagwa Karam is expected to perform in Jordan’s Fuheis Festival on August 16 at 8:30 p.m. (Jordan time). The famed singer will present a wide selection of her most popular hits.

Carol Samaha

Samaha will perform on Carthage International Theater in Tunisia on August 9. The star commented on her Instagram account: “My dear Tunisian fans, I am longing to meet you for the second time on Carthage International Theater”.

Nader Abul-Leif

In the American state of California, Nader Abul-Leif will be performing on August 3. The songs he will perform are from his latest album, which will be officially released in the upcoming days.

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