13th edition of Cairo International Biennial to open August



Tue, 11 Jun 2019 - 05:02 GMT


Tue, 11 Jun 2019 - 05:02 GMT

13th edition of Cairo International Biennial is set to open in  August - Press photo

13th edition of Cairo International Biennial is set to open in August - Press photo

Cairo - 11 June 2019: The 13th edition of the Cairo International Biennial, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Egypt, has returned and will be open to the public until August 10. This is the second oldest artistic exhibition in the Middle East, which after eight years of interruption due to political instability returns with force, affirming a more stable Egypt with international leadership. The exhibition includes all kinds of fine arts of 80 artists from 50 countries.

Among them, Camilo Arias, Colombian artist who participates with his work, Unity in Diversity, allegory of a world peace in diversity, illustrated with white doves crossing a prism that contains the universe to become birds from different continents. With this painting, Arias communicates that "it is necessary to realize the individuality that we represent culturally and socially, to respect and coexist with the other colors of this social rainbow, to be a single harmonic component".

This work took three months to complete due to the complexity of the patterns and the detail of the birds from all continents and from different countries that represent our cultural diversity. The traditional designs of millenary tribes around the world work as a background. Each patron and bird is unique in beauty, design and culture, but harmony and majesty arises when they fly together, with a single horizon and towards the same north, is beautiful. "For me that is the road to peace," said the Latin American artist.

Arias is an innate visual artist who distinguishes himself in his works by his bright and striking colors, always using nature and human beings as inspiration. His academic training is in Audiovisual Media and 3D animation and creation, but painting has been in his blood since childhood. "I am very honored by the invitation of the Egyptian Government to represent my country in this cultural celebration of such importance that represents a very positive impact on Egyptian society, and a sign that this millennial country has a lot of culture and appreciation for the arts", said Camilo. He is currently finalizing details for his thematic exhibition on Colombia that he will show this year, which he has been preparing for three years.





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