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Arrival of Holy Family to Egypt coincides with Lailatul Qadr

Thu, May. 30, 2019
CAIRO - 30 May 2019: Director General of Research, Archaeological Studies and Scientific Publishing in South Sinai Antiquities Region, Abdel Rahim Rihan, congratulated Egyptians on the anniversary of the arrival of the Holy Family to Egypt.

June 1 marks the anniversary of the arrival of the Holy Family to Egypt and coincides this year with Lailatul Qadr (Ramadan 27 eve). Rihan referred to the status of Jesus in the Holy Quran, where he was directly mentioned 33 times.

The head of the Archaeological Studies also pointed out that Jesus was titled “Messiah” in some verses of the Quran, which refers to his title, and in other verses was mentioned as Jesus.

Rihan clarified that in Hebrew Jesus is named “Joshua” as a sign that he is the savior that rids humanity from their sins and misguidance. In other verses of the Quran, Jesus is labeled as “The son of virgin Mary”.

Moreover, Rihan clarified that God almighty chose Mary amongst the females of the world to hold that special status of being the mother of Jesus. He further explained that Mary was directly mentioned in the holy Muslim book 11 times.

Rihan stressed that Egypt was mentioned in the Quran as the land to which the holy family resorted, a land abundant in plants. The Holy Family rested after crossing Sinai, Delta and Wadi Al-Natrun under the shade of Al-Matariya tree. According to Rihan, the original tree fell in 1656 and the current tree grew from the roots of the original tree spanning back to 1672.
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