Min. of Youth welcomes African delegations on Africa Day



Thu, 23 May 2019 - 01:25 GMT


Thu, 23 May 2019 - 01:25 GMT

Part of the briefing

Part of the briefing

CAIRO - 23 May 2019: The Ministry of Youth and Sports hosted as part of the Central Administration of Cultural and Volunteer Programs under the auspices of Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhi the African delegations participating in the Africa Day Festival.

The festival is organized by the ministry and is set to run from May 23 to 26 to commemorate the founding of the Organization of African Unity under the chairmanship of Egypt in light of the leadership of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi of the African Union.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports welcomed the African delegations from Guinea Conakry, Morocco, Algeria, Ghana, Uganda, Madagascar, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Eritrea, Gabon, Benin, Nigeria, Tanzania and southern Sudan, in addition to Egypt.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports briefed the participants on the festival's events and the organizing process of the festival, as well as the instructions adopted within the festival.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports explained that the events of the festival include the implementation of an artistic wall reflecting the spirit of African cooperation and solidarity among the youth of African countries in one of the Youth Centers in Gezira district.

Also, the Ministry of Youth and Sports pointed out that the festival's events include organizing an exhibition of handicrafts, heritage works and national foods African countries are famous for.

Additionally, a major artistic show will take place on the Romanian theater at the Youth Centre in Gezira with the participation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports' Orchestra, where artistic performances of folklore art teams affiliated with numerous arts centers in different governorates will be held.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports clarified that the activities of the festival also include holding sports events for the African community residing in Egypt, in cooperation with the Central Administration for Sports Development and the Federation of Companies.

A touristic and entertainment program will be organized for the participating African delegations to get acquainted with Egypt’s touristic and historical landmarks.



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