Galal: Ramadan 10 is an example of patience and pride


Thu, 16 May 2019 - 02:13 GMT

Prominent director Khaled Galal

Prominent director Khaled Galal

CAIRO - 16 May 2019: The Cultural Production Affairs Sector honored in a ceremony on May 15 a group of 17 heroes of the Armed Forces for participating in the glorious October Victory, along with a constellation of poets and musicians.

The celebration was held in commemoration of the Ramadan 10 (October 6) victory at Al-Maidan Theater of Hanager Center for Arts.

In his speech, veteran director Khaled Galal said, "Today we celebrate the victory of Ramadan 10. In this victory, which is an example of patience in times of hardships,our Armed Forces destroyed the myth of the Bar Lev Line.”

“Today we honor the poets who made special national songs that we used to greet our heroic victorious soldiers when they returned from the battle with the Egyptian flag high up in the sky. We also honor today the symbols of the Egyptian army who participated in this glorious war. All respect to them and to everyone who sacrificed for the sake of Egypt and glory to the martyrs who lost their lives for the beloved land of Sinai,”added Galal.

The ceremony was attended by Ashraf Zaky, President of the Egyptian Opera House Magdy Saber, Head of the Theater Art House Ismail Mokhtar and Chairman of the General Authority for Culture Palaces Ahmed Awad, among others.

The concert was performed by the iconic singer Mohamed Tharwat, where he sang a selection of the most famous national and religious songs including “En Kan Al Hob Mafish Ghairek” (I love no one but you), “Lagl el Naby” (For the sake of the Prophet), “El Qalb yaashek kol Gamil” (The heart loves everything beautiful), “Aash eli qal” (Long live those who said), among others.



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