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Wed, 15 May 2019 - 03:02 GMT


Wed, 15 May 2019 - 03:02 GMT

Essam ElSaka- Egypt Today.

Essam ElSaka- Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 14 May 2019: Rising star Essam el-Saka managed to grab the audience's attention this Ramadan through his brilliant performance of three different roles in "Kalabsh" ( Handcuffs), "Abou Gabal" and "Princess Beesa".


Sakka portrays a rebellious character in one series, an evil character in the other and a comic character in the third; he was able to portray the three roles brilliantly, the matter that established his name as a talented actor who can play all kinds of roles.

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"I embody the role of an opportunist young man who owns a social media company in 'Kalabsh'" Saka told Egypt Today.

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"Kalabsh" is a 2017 Egyptian drama and suspense TV-series directed by Peter Mimi; it revolves around Selim el-Ansary who is a confident and honest policeman. The series reflects the heroism and dedication of the Egyptian Armed Forces and police in combating the dark ideology of extremists.

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The series is based on a story written by Yousef Hassan Yousef, then dramatized and scripted by Baher Dewidar.

A sequel was released in 2018 and a third season is broadcast during Ramadan 2019. Both the first and second parts of the series achieved great success.

In the third part, Selim el-Ansary is submitting his resignation to Major General Galal Khattab but the latter strongly objects to this request. Eventually, the resignation is accepted and Ansary moves on to establish a security company, which he co-owns with Akram Safwan. However, various disagreements occur between them.

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The third part of the series is starring beside Karara, Rogina, Yasser Ali Maher, Dina, Ghinwa Mahmoud, Ahmed el-Awadi, among others. “Kalabsh P III” is directed by Peter Mimi and written by Baher Dewidar. "Kalabesh" is produced by Synergy.

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In "Abou Gabal", Saka portrays the role of a rebellious son. "I portray the role of Ahmed, the son of Wageeh Abol Yazeed (Mahmoud el Bezawy); the way the son thinks is completely different from the way his father thinks," Saka explained.

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Abou Gabal is a rich merchant who faces along with his family severe problems and crises. The series highlights Abou Gabal's attempts to know the true reason behind these problems.

"Abou Gabal" stars Aicha ben Ahmed, Diab, Naglaa Badr, Mahmoud el Bezawy, among others. The series is written by Mohamed Sayed Beshir, directed by Ahmed Saleh and produced by Synergy.

Saka also participated in "Princess Beesa" as a guest of honor, performing a light comic character that will appear in the upcoming episodes.

Mai Ezz el-Din embodies two characters in her Ramadan series "Princess Beessa"; the first is a common girl named Beesa working in the field of wedding planning. Beesa inherits a school from her uncle, who lives in Italy.

The second character is Beesa’s grandmother, with whom she lives. The grandmother imposes in a comedic manner monetary payments on the people that reside in the area. The grandmother’s family wants to transfer her to a residence for the elderly.

Egyptian international Actor Amir el-Masry falls in love with Beesa in the series.

Princess Beessa stars beside Ezz el-Din and El Masry, Pussy, Mohamed Anwar, Hagag Abdel Azim, Hossam Dhager among others. The series is written by Mostafa Omar and Farouk Hisham, directed by Akram Farid and produced by Synergy.

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