'Hekayti' 9th episode unveils several surprises


Wed, 15 May 2019 - 01:51 GMT

FILE - Hekayti Poster

FILE - Hekayti Poster

CAIRO - 15 May 2019: The ninth episode of "Hekayti" unfolded numerous surprises. The first surprise is that the neighbors kicked Dalida-Yasmine Sabry- out of her own neighborhood.

It is obvious that women of the neighborhood became viciously jealous of Dalida because of her beauty; they wanted her out of the neighborhood by any means.

Wafaa Amer appeared during the episode portraying a woman named Farida Asal, who owns an atelier and works as a fashion designer. Asal offered Dalida accommodation in her atelier in return for working as a maid and helping her.

At the end of the episode Suleiman - Ahmed Bedeir, kicks his brother Salim -Gamal Abdel Nasser- from the factory and prevents him from ever coming back.

“Hekayti” is broadcast on DMC, ON E, and CBC during the holy month of Ramadan. The series is starring Yasmine Sabry, Wafaa Amer, Ahmed Hatem, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Ahmed Bedeir, Edward, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Nahed Roshdy, Islam Gamal, Hanadi Mahani, Ahmed Gamal Said, Tamer Shaltout, Ahmed Halawa, Nehal Anbar, Mustafa Darwish,Mahmoud Fares, among others.

"Hekayti" is the production of Synergy.



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