FILE - Part of the band members FILE - Part of the band members

Wanas Band to perform in Cairo Opera House on April 11

Sun, Mar. 31, 2019
CAIRO - 31 March 2019: “Wanas musical band, led by their founder Tarek Abbas, is preparing to present their fourth concert on April 11 on the stage of the Arab Music Institute of the Egyptian Opera House.

The band, mostly composed of foreign performers, offers a variety of masterpieces of musical and lyrical works from classical and contemporary heritage, in addition to musical works for iconic Egyptian legends such as Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Umm Kulthum, besides a few musical compositions of the works of Tarek Abbas.

Wanas Music Ensemble is one of the most unique singing projects on the musical scene, featuring singers from different countries such as Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan and Georgia; the singers perform with creativity and have succeeded to create a great fan base through their concerts.

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