35 additional artifacts transferred to Grand Egyptian Museum


Thu, 21 Mar 2019 - 12:54 GMT

Khufu’s Ship - Wikipedia

Khufu’s Ship - Wikipedia

CAIRO - 21 March 2019: The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Remaya Square received 35 large pieces of wooden antiquities from Khufu’s second boat in Giza; in addition to receiving 118 artifacts from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

Director General of the Preliminary Restoration and Transportation of Heavy Antiquities at the Grand Egyptian Museum Issa Zeidan explained that among the most important pieces received is a wooden box personally used by King Tut, coated with ivory and seashells, in addition to a boat with a pair of paddles and a colorful frontal cabin with natural colors. A collection of sculptures made of colored wood depicting everyday life in ancient Egypt was also among the transferred artifacts.

Zeidan further pointed out that before packaging and transferring the artifacts, preliminary repairing and strengthening of the boat and other artifacts were completed. It took 12 days to restore, package and transfer the artifacts.

The restoration and transfer team also transported 35 large wooden artifacts after the completion of its preliminary restoration works, documentation and three-dimensional photography. Thus, the total transferred wooden artifacts from Khufu’s second ship to the Grand Egyptian Museum are 784 pieces.



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