Mostafa Hagag to release 'Mogarad Bas Ma Aftekrak' soon



Thu, 07 Mar 2019 - 01:50 GMT


Thu, 07 Mar 2019 - 01:50 GMT

FILE - Mostafa Hagag

FILE - Mostafa Hagag

CAIRO - 7 March 2019: Mostafa Hagag completed recording a new song entitled "Mogarad Bas Ma Aftekrak" (As soon as I remember you), written by Gamal el-Kholy, and composed by Madien and Ahmed Ibrahim.

The song will be part of Hagag’s much anticipated new album.

Hagag’s latest song was entitled "Khatwa" (Step) written and composed by Aziz Shafei and distributed by the Moroccan Jalal Hamdaoui.

Hagag is known for his song "Ya Bta’a el-Nena’a", which gained booming success upon its release years ago and is still popular among Hagag's fans.

The rising singer recently participated in the performance of the song "100 Wesh" (100 faces), along with mega stars Tamer Hosny, Diab and Ahmed Sheba; the song achieved unprecedented success. The song was part of Tamer Hosny’s latest Album “Eish Beshouak”.


Mostafa Hagag - Khatwa (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | 2018 | (مصطفى حجاج - خطوة (حصرياً ‎

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