Mai Ezz el-Din to perform 2 roles in 'Princess Beesa'


Thu, 28 Feb 2019 - 01:14 GMT

FILE - Mai Ezz Eldin

FILE - Mai Ezz Eldin

CAIRO - 28 February 2019: Mai Ezz el-Din will embody two characters in the series "Princess Beessa"; the first is a common girl named Beesa working in the field of wedding planning. Beesa inherits the art of organizing wedding ceremonies from her uncle, who lives in Italy.

The second character is Beesa’s grandmother, with whom she lives. The grandmother imposes in a comedic manner monetary payments on the people that reside in the area. The grandmother’s family wants to transfer her to a residence for the elderly.

Out of nowhere, a man appears and claims to be entitled to inheritance as Beesa's cousin. Actor Amir el-Masry falls in love with Beesa.

Mai Ezz el-Din was born in Abu Dhabi, Emirates. She studied sociology in the Faculty of Arts in Alexandria. She was granted her first role when director Monir Rady referred her to director Mohamed el-Naggar to star in his hit film “Rehlet Hob” (Love Trip) alongside famous singer Mohamed Fouad.

She then rose to fame and starred in acclaimed TV series “Ayna Qalby” (Where's my Heart?). Her biggest success was in the romance “Omar & Salma” where she starred alongside pop star Tamer Hosny; they formed a duo that continued in two other sequels of the first film.



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