The '122' movie cast in Dubai The '122' movie cast in Dubai

'122', 1st Egyptian movie to use 4DX technology premieres in Dubai

Sat, Jan. 12, 2019
CAIRO – 12 January 2019: The Egyptian horror movie “122” was premiered in Vox cinemas at mall of the Emirates in Dubai on Thursday, January 10.

The "122’’ which was released in Egyptian cinemas on January 3 is number one now on the Egyptian box office achieving about 9 million L.E.

The movie is directed by Iraqi director Yasser el-Yassery.and stars Amina Khalil, Tarek Lotfy, Ahmed el-Fishawy, Mamdooh Mohammed, Gihan Khalil, and Ahmed Dawood.

The movie revolves around a couple that faces a catastrophe inside what appears to be a hospital. They try to escape and run for their lives, but that won’t be easy as they face a lot of obstacles along the way.

The “122” is written by Salah el-Johainy. Johainy previously wrote “Al-Khaleya” (The Cell) and “Awlad Rezk” (Rezk’s Sons); both movies gained great success at the time of their release.

The movie “122” is the first Egyptian film to use the 4DX technology, which allows the observer to literally “live” the film while watching as it combines many sensory factors.
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