FILE - Stars Hisham Abbas and Angham with Kassis FILE - Stars Hisham Abbas and Angham with Kassis

Tania Kassis charms the audience while performing 'Ave Maria'

Wed, Jan. 9, 2019
CAIRO – 9 January 2019: Tania Kassis performed before President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and charmed the audience with “Ave Maria", a Christian melody which was combined with "Mawlay" (My Lord), a song for Sheikh Sayed al-Nakshabandi, reflecting a solid unity between Muslims and Christians.

The performance came when President Sisi was inaugurating Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the largest cathedral in the Middle East and Africa, Church of Nativity, in conjunction with Christmas celebrations.

The soprano left a great impression on Egyptians. Kassis commented on her official Twitter and Instagram accounts, “I am very proud to perform before the president and all Egyptians. It is a great honor!”

It is worth noting that Egyptian singers Angham, Mohamed el-Sharnoubi, and Hisham Abbas, among others, also performed during the celebrations.

Watch performance below:

اليوم - أسامة الخولي و تانيا قسيس .. يبدعان خلال افتتاح مسجد الفتاح العليم وكاتدرائية ميلاد المسيح

اليوم - الفنان " أسامة الخولي " والفنانة " تانيا قسيس " يبدعون في أغنية " مولاي " وأغنية " مريم " خلال أفتتاح مسجد الفتاح العليم وكاتدرائية ميلاد المسيح إشترك الآن: فيسبوك: تويتر: إنستاجرام: #dmcTV #dmctveg #dmcHD

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