TV show explores historical sites in Medina in Saudi Arabia



Thu, 01 Jun 2017 - 09:07 GMT


Thu, 01 Jun 2017 - 09:07 GMT

Historical site in Medina (Photo: still from video)

Historical site in Medina (Photo: still from video)

CAIRO - 1 June 2017: A new show called “Taiba” airing in Ramadan, showcases some of the historical sites in city of Medina El-Menwara in Saudi Arabia.

The show, hosted by Wael Rafik, explores historical aspects and places that were visited by Prophet Muhammed in 14 centuries ago according to video content of the show.

Some of the historical sites included Mountain Ohod that is located 4.5 kilometers away from Medina and is said to be one of the major elements in the battle of Ohod that was led by the Prophet. Mountain Ohod was also the place where the Prophet gathered his soldiers before the battle.

Ohod mountain

The show accompanies Taiba University professor Ahmed bin Abdel Bashar to explore special stones called ‘Mehras’ that were used long ago to preserve water from rainfalls and using it for agriculture and drinking purposes. The stone had a hole in the middle that helped store water.

Another historical sites in Medina that was displayed in the show included Arwa bin El-Zober castle that was named after a prominent scientist who used the castle to spread education and religious teachings.

Arwa Bin EL Zober Castle

The exploration journey also featured Osman Well that was named after the religious scholar Osman bin Affan who bought the well for charity means. The well, previously named the Roman well, has one of the purest waters according to experts on the show.

Osman Well



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