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1st stage of restoration works in Madi village begins

Wed, Dec. 12, 2018
CAIRO – 12 December 2018: The Ministry of Antiquities announced starting the first phase of the restoration works in Madi village, south-west of Fayoum, after being abandoned by foreign restoration missions.

The ancient statues located in the village lost some cohesive parts of limestone due to their constant exposure to erosion factors such as direct sunlight, rain water and wind.

Gharib Sonbol, head of the Repairing and Restoration Section in the Ministry of Antiquities, affirmed that restoration of the brick walls of the ancient houses that were once homes for the priests is currently taking place. Sonbol also pointed out that the ancient city is currently being mechanically and chemically cleaned.

According to Sonbol, the second stage of the city's restoration and development into a distinctive tourist attraction is being planned; the ancient site witnessed numerous significant events in both the old and modern eras.

It is worth mentioning that the city of Madi hosts the temples of King Amenemhat III and IV in the Middle Kingdom era (the 12th Dynasty). During the Roman era, a collection of black statues were built there.

The layout of the temples is simple and consistent with the character of the temples of the central state. The Ptolemaic Temple and the Roman Temple are also located in the ancient village.

In the middle of the Roman courtyard, there is a formation of limestone in the shape of an altar, followed by limestone walls.

Watch the recent restoration works in the pictures below:

First stage of restoration works - Egypt Today

First stage of restoration works - Egypt Today

First stage of restoration works - Egypt Today
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