'El Kenz' part 2 to be released by the mid of 2019


Tue, 20 Nov 2018 - 02:28 GMT

'' El Kenz'' Poster - Egypt Today.

'' El Kenz'' Poster - Egypt Today.

CAIRO - 20 November 2018: ''El Kenz'' ( The Treasure) movie part 2 to be released by the mid of 2019.

“El Kenz” part one grossed LE 19 million ($1.1 million) after an 80-day stint in Egyptian cinemas.

The storyline spans over the Pharaonic, Abbasid, Ottoman and modern day periods, ending in the 1970s. The movie revolves around corruption and the mixing of religion with politics, it portrays religious figures using their authority as a means of gaining political power.

The veteran Egyptian director, Sherif Arafa, is one of the most important figures in Egyptian cinema, known for his captivating stories and high quality filmmaking.

The movie boasts a dazzling cast of Egyptian superstars and actors such as Mohamed Ramadan, Amina Khalil, Sawsan Badr, Mohy Ismail, Mohamed Saad, Hend Sabry, and Ahmed Rezk.



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