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Sat, 13 Oct 2018 - 02:00 GMT


Sat, 13 Oct 2018 - 02:00 GMT

Tamer Hosny- Tamer Hosny official facebook page.

Tamer Hosny- Tamer Hosny official facebook page.

CAIRO - 13 October 2018: Tamer Hosny's fans were anxious on the aftermath of his transfer to the hospital suffering from deteriorating health conditions while shooting for “Sahibat el Saada” TV program.

Some said that Hosny performed a surgery in his vocal cords, which the famed singer denied.

Tamer Hosny’s official facebook page stated that the Egyptian star felt sick during shooting the program and was transferred to a hospital in 6th of October and he may need to perform a surgery in his vocal cords.

Hosny departed the hospital and returned to his home, on the other hand his doctor asked him to take rest to ease the stress he imposed on his vocal cords because of hard work in the recent period.

Sources close to Hosny revealed that he exerted much effort recently in the preparation for his latest album "Eish Beshoqak" (Live with Your Passion) and performed a lot of concerts the matter that strained his vocal cords.

“ We apologize for the inability of the artist Tamer Hosny to perform at your university today because of his severe illness as you know, thanks a lot for your cooperation and grasp” a message stated on Hosny’s official Facebook page, apologizing for CIC University that he will not be able to perform the concert at the university as planned.

Hosny performed medical analysis and X-Rays on Friday that revealed that he suffers from sore in his vocal cords; he may need to undergo a surgery if the vocal cords are not treated with medicine.

The Egyptian singer is forbidden to speak and use his cell phones by his doctors. Hosny who is surrounded by his family and friends is coherent with his famous smile to assure to all those who are surrounding him that he will be fine.

Hosny’s song "Eish Beshoqak" amassed millions of viewers directly after it had been released on his official channel on YouTube.

"Eish Beshoqak" was composed by Mostafa Hassan, distributed by Hany Mahrous and Bilal Sorour and directed by Hadi El Bagoury.

The video clip of "Eish Beshoqak" shows Hosny meeting with people in the streets and trying to draw a smile on their faces despite of the problems they face on a daily basis.

Hosny hits the one-billion views mark on all his songs on his YouTube channel on September 2.

“A billion thanks for the more than one billion views on Tamer Hosny’s official YouTube channel,” stated Hosny on his official Facebook page.

Hosny is a singer, songwriter, composer and actor. He began his musical career in 2002 when he released his first album. His romantic music has made him "the Star of the Generation", a name given to him by his fans.

Hosny won many awards, such as Best Selling Album in 2002 from the Nile Variety channel, Best Arab Artist at Murex D’Or in 2014 and 2016, and Best Arab Artist at the Middle East Music Awards in 2015. He is also the first Arab artist to receive more than 100 million views on Anghami.

Hosny recently performed a series of concerts in the Middle East, including a concert in Jordan at Arena Theatre and another one in Abu Dhabi.

His latest movie “El Badla” (The Suit) which was released in Eid el Adha achieved high revenues reached to more than L.E 30 Million. He plays in the movie the role of a police officer who finds himself involved in a number of critical situations due to the nature of his job.

“El Badla” stars Amina Khalil, Maged el-Masry, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Hassan Hosny and Mai Kassab, among others. The movie is written by Ayman Bahagat Kamar and directed by Mando el-Adl.

Hosny was the first Arab pop singer to perform a concert in Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia, on March 30. The concert witnessed the attendance of thousands of Saudis, about 90 percent of which were women. Hosny performed on a massive stage, made especially where all audience seats were either red, white or black; the three colors of Egypt’s flag.

The concert was organized under the auspices of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority, which stated that Hosny was chosen to perform such a huge concert because of his popularity among all Saudis.

Hosny headed to Los Angeles and had his handprint and footprint permanently engraved on the Forecourt of the Stars at Hollywood's iconic Chinese Theatre in August 2017.

In the singers’ category, Hosny claimed the second rank after French Montana in Forbes’ "Arab Stars on the Global Stage" list.



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