Ahmed Gamal: Arab Idol 2 First runnerup

Mon, Nov. 25, 2013
Where Are They Now? Talent shows are a huge hit with audiences all over the Arab world — but where do the winners and top finalists go after the season ends? Egypt Today catches up with some of the best loved contestants to see where they are today.
By Yara El-Narsh
On being part of Arab Idol It was an incredible feeling to be watched by millions of people and know that they are waiting anxiously for me to appear on the show, especially that participating in Arab Idol was my first attempt to achieve my goal and become famous. Even though there had been several attempts before, in shows that are similar to Arab Idol, the real beginning was only when I took part in this fabulous show that took me many steps closer to showing my talents to the whole Arab world. This show taught me how to be responsible and always to be up to the expectations of people in terms of novelty. On support from the talent machine Arab Idol set me on the right track, but there are still a lot of challenges that I have to overcome to become the star that I want to be. As for my management issues, Platinum Records Recording Agency took this matter into their own hands after the show, and they are doing a great job by lifting this burden off my shoulders. I am on great terms with the show’s management crew. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the support they have graciously given me and all the participants, and above all, the moral support they give us is absolutely tremendous. I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the executive producer Alex Maaoshi and the producer Hessein Gaber. On where he is now So far I haven’t settled on a specific project with the company. I’m still listening to some composed pieces to see which one fits the taste that represents me most. In my humble opinion, I think that Gigi Lamara, Nancy Ajram’s manager, is my biggest future project till now. Starting to work with such a successful person is a great step forward. There are discussions being held and contracts being signed for Lamara’s management, in coordination with Platinum records, of my work.
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