Ramadan Commercials, the Legacy Continues



Wed, 30 May 2018 - 08:13 GMT


Wed, 30 May 2018 - 08:13 GMT

Ramadan Commercials - YouTube

Ramadan Commercials - YouTube

CAIRO – 30 May 2018: Each year, Ramadan continues to bombard viewers with ads that take up more than half of the actual time of any TV series. Even if a series is watched on YouTube, ads still pop up. They are everywhere.

Telecommunications commercials

Celebrities! That’s the keyword for every telecommunications advertisement this Ramadan. Each year, Etisalat, Vodafone and Orange compete on who will include the most famous actors in their ads.

Etisalat’s commercial includes Samira Saeed, Ahmed Fahmy, Nelly Karim, Khaled Agag, Mohammed Ramadan and Sherine Reda. All of these stars compensate for the ridiculous song.

Of course the Egyptian national football team had to be included for the 100th time in an advertisement this year! Vodafone casted the Egyptian national football team, along with Amr Youssef, Amir Karara, Shiko, Hesham Magid and the sweetheart of the industry, Dalal Abd Aziz.

So far, the catchiest of them all is Orange’s advertisement song! Many people can’t get the song “Gary ya Gary ya Hetet Sokara” out of their minds, humming along to the lyrics of the song, whether in the shower, studying, at a coffee shop or even at work. Donia Samir Ghanem, Hend Sabry, Dhaffer L’Abidine, Carol Samaha and Mohammed Mounir were casted in this ad.

Banque Misr commercial

Perhaps the most heard song this Ramadan will be “Enta Te’dar” by Banque Misr. This song has been used in every Mohamed Salah inspirational video and it is also motivational. Still continuing with the legacy of Talaat Harb, the bank continues to support youth investments.

FLO Egypt and Juhayna commercials

FLO used a very heartwarming message in their ad campaign. Rarely do we find commercials done by people with special needs, but FLO’s whole campaign is aiming to support people with special needs who have Down syndrome, and the commercial was presented by those people themselves. This is honestly the most beautiful commercial this Ramadan, guaranteed to bring a smile.

For all lactose intolerant people, rejoice! Juhayna’s new product this Ramadan is a lactose-free milk product. No famous actors in this commercial, just no more bloating or unnecessary gas; and yes, milkshakes and lattes!

Undergarment commercials

Cottonil’s commercial could be the most hilarious commercial this Ramadan! The song for the commercial was done by famous reporter Medhat Shalaby, with his entertaining tone of voice singing “Men Fadlak Elbes Cottonil”. Pretty creepy, but it’s funny.

Dice continues to use Arabic folk songs, adding their own lyrics to suite the comfort and softness of their undergarments. No famous actors were present in this ad, but there are a lot of old grannies!

Real-estate commercials

La Mirada Compound’s slogan is “We’re almost there”, which refers to how simple the compound is and how everything you want can be within minutes from your home.

Skyline Compound used actor Hany Salama in their commercial.

Nescafe commercials

Nescafe’s creative commercials were made specifically for college students, with a slogan that says: “As long as you get to choose your own section, you’ll get to choose your own coffee flavor.” The commercials use sarcasm and humor, which makes it very entertaining, and almost every college student can relate to the dialogue.

Carrier commercial

Carrier continues its legacy of making sarcastic commercials. Last year, it started with Mona, and now it’s continuing with a sarcastic song that has repetitive words.

Pepsi Commercial

Pepsi has a selfie commercial starring the national football team.



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