Did you notice these Ramadan series blunders?



Tue, 29 May 2018 - 01:45 GMT


Tue, 29 May 2018 - 01:45 GMT

Ramadan soap operas

Ramadan soap operas

CAIRO – 29 May 2018: Being overwhelmed each year in this busy season of Ramadan usually results in some unintentional mistakes in Ramadan drama series, and most of them are really funny. Egypt Today presents to its readers some of these blunders.

“Nesr El Saeed” (Hawk of Upper Egypt)

In a scene from “Nesr El Saeed”, the series hero, Zain, performed by the Egyptian superstar Mohamed Ramadan, jumped from a bridge into the Nile to save a man who was about to drown, but the camera clearly showed a group of Mohamed Ramadan fans gazing at him.

Another scene from “Nesr El Saeed” showed one of the actresses while the microphone is obviously on her back.

Mohamed Ramadan - Screen shot from You tube

Starring Mohamed Ramadan, Dorra, Sayed Ragab, WafaaAmer, Dina and Mahmoud El-Leithy, this series revolves around a police officer named Zain who lives in Qena and is married to a Cairene girl (Dorra) against the will of her family. After a fierce confrontation with an Upper Egyptian businessman involved in illegal business, Zain suddenly becomes a prisoner fighting to prove his innocence.

“Kalabsh: Part II” (Handcuffs: Part II)

Egyptian actor Omar El Shenawy in one of the scenes was talking to veteran Egyptian actress Hala Fakher; he apparently forgot the script and said a sentence that doesn’t make any sense. “The appointments are here with a visit,” he said; it seems that he wanted to say that visits in the hospital are made in specific times. The truly funny thing is that Egyptian actress Rogina was emotionally affected to the extent that she cried and didn’t notice what he said.

In another scene from “Kalabsh: Part II” following the previous scene, Rogina said to Shenawy, “Hopefully he will recover Omar,” despite that Shenawy’s name in the series is Hossam, but nobody noticed and it wasn’t cropped during the montage.

Following his great success last Ramadan, Amir Karara returns as the brave police officer Selim el-Ansari, who is now promoted to supervisor of Aqrab Prison. His life is turned upside down when his parents are killed and he is seriously wounded by the killer. Rogina and Hala Fakher co-star in the series, which is written by Baher Diwedar and directed by Peter Mimi. After airing its first episode, “Kalabsh: Part II” achieved the highest number of views on YouTube compared to other Egyptian series, with about 1 million views of the first episode.

“Bel-Hagm El-Aaeely” (Family Size)

In the fifth episode of “Bel-Hagm El-Aaeely”, veteran actor Yehia El Fakharany appeared without a beard and then with a beard in the following scene, which is supposed to be in the same situation.

Fakharany presented a dazzling performance in his Ramadan series “Bel-Hagm El-Aaeely”, which is currently being aired on DMC channel. The distinguished TV series is considered a strong return for the veteran actor after a year of absence.

The light comedy series witnesses the comeback of two giants, Fakharany and Mervat Amin; it has been more than 30 years since their last cooperation. It revolves around retired Ambassador Nader, who decides to follow his passion for food by opening a restaurant in a touristic village, where he is the main chef. The series is directed by Hala Khalil, written by Mohamed Ragaa, and stars Yousra El Lozy, Ahmed Magdy and RamzyLehner.

“El Rehla” (The Journey)

The series heroine Rania, performed by Riham Abdelghafour, appeared during all the episodes with wavy hair and poor looks because she is hiding from her psychopath husband (Bassel el Khayat), and then she suddenly appeared in the eighth episode with straight hair. “El Rehla” revolves around a psychopath husband who turns his wife’s life into a hell. The series is written by Amr el Daly and Nour el Sheshekly and directed by Hossam Aly.


Many viewed Yasser Galal’s jump from one balcony to another in “Rahim” as exaggerated, as it seemed supernatural and against the laws of physics due to the large space.

After his runaway success last Ramadan in “Zel El-Rais” (The President’s Shadow), Yasser Galal plays Rahim this year, an Egyptian businessman who works in money laundering and dollar smuggling.

After a short stint in prison, Rahim discovers his wealth has been seized and his family is gone. In the recent episodes, Rahim managed to find his father and discovered that his brother-in-law stands behind throwing him in prison.

With an unexpected meeting with his ex-fiancée Dalia, a new romantic line is added to the series to spice it up. The series, which co-stars Nour, Mohamed Riad, Hassan Hosny, Rogina and Dina, follows Rahim’s journey of revenge and the quest to locate his family.



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