Egyptian critics analyze Ramadan drama map



Sun, 27 May 2018 - 03:46 GMT


Sun, 27 May 2018 - 03:46 GMT

Ramadan drama map – A photo complied by Egypt Today.

Ramadan drama map – A photo complied by Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 27 May 2018: As we are about to reach half of Ramadan, the soap operas main features started to be clear in front of the audience and critics. Egypt Today spoke with four prominent critics about their analysis to Ramadan drama map.

The acclaimed Egyptian critic Tarek el shenawy said that Ramadan drama in 2018 has developed a lot compared to previous years, whether in terms of actors/actresses performance or in terms of scriptwriters and directors performance. According to Shenawy, this year soap operas’ plots are new and diversified. “‘Bel-Hagm El-Aaeely’ (Family Size) is a strong return to the veteran actor Yehia El Fakharany, after a year of absence, it is a really distinguished soap opera,’’ El Shenawy said.

Shenawy pointed out that the great actor returned once again to the audience with a strong, new and non-traditional series in terms of acting performance and script, adding that on the other hand there are other soap operas that have achieved a great success, as they depended on fast and exciting events such as “Kalabsh Part II” (Handcuffs, Part II), “Fouq El-Sahab” (Over the Clouds), “Nesr El Saeed” (Hawk of Upper Egypt) and “Tayea”.

“Adel Emam this year presented better performance than previous years in ‘Awalem Khafia’ (Hidden Worlds),” Shenawy recounted, adding that “El Rehla” ( The Journey), “Rasayel” ( Messages) and “Layali Eugenie” (Eugenie Nights) are all high quality series that are fresh in terms of plot and actors performance.

The renowned Egyptian critic Nader Adly said that after the passage of 10 days, we could now say that the competing soap operas in the Ramadan marathon are good in general, noting that there are some high quality series, others are of medium quality and the rest has no specific features till now.

Adly pointed out that despite both of “Bel-Hagm El-Aaeely” and “Awalem Khafia” not having new plots, they are good soap operas and the audience is waiting eagerly each episode to learn the coming events. “From my point of view the best soap operas till now are “Layali Eugenie”, “Fouq El-Sahab” and “Ekhtefa” (Disappearance),” Adly recounted.

Adly added that some action soap operas achieved a booming success and managed to grab the attention of wide range of audience such as “Kalabsh Part II”, “Nesr El Saeed” and “Rahim”.

The veteran Egyptian critic Magda Khairallah stressed that the any soap opera is evaluated through several things such as its general shape, script, directing style and acting performance. Khairallah said that Nelly Karim presents a new good role in “Ekhtefa”(Disapperance), Adel Emam presented a new, important and non-traditional role in “Awalem Khafia” (Hidden Worlds), which is a distinct series that contains a lot of important messages, and Yehia El Fakharany presented a dazzling performance in “Bel-Hagm El-Aaeely,” a series he describes as distinguished in terms of script and actors performance.

“Regarding the comic soap operas this year they are good especially ‘El Waseya’ (The Legacy) and ‘Robea Romy’ (Quarter kilo Romy Cheese),” Khairallah added.

The Egyptian critic Ramy Rezk explained that Ramadan soap opera marathon this year is lesser than previous years in terms of quantity and higher in terms of quality.

Rezk noted that “Layali Eugenie” and “El Rehla” are both good and different, and that the lion share from Ramadan drama map went this year to action soap operas such as “Kalabsh Part II”, “Rahim” and “Fouq El-Sahab.”

The most taked about action series among the four critics was “Kalabsh Part II.”

Following his great success last Ramadan, Amir Karara returns as the brave police officer Selim El-Ansari, who is now promoted to supervisor of Aqrab Prison. His life turns upside down when his parents are killed and he is seriously wounded by the killer.

Rogina and Hala Fakher co-star in the series, which is written by Baher Diwedar and directed by Peter Mimi. After airing its first episode, “Kalabsh: Part II” achieved the highest number of views on YouTube compared to other Egyptian series, with about 1 million views of the first episode.



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