Six Ramadan soap operas tackle terrorism, extremism



Mon, 21 May 2018 - 02:35 GMT


Mon, 21 May 2018 - 02:35 GMT

Amir Karara in Kalabesh part 2 - Egypt Today.

Amir Karara in Kalabesh part 2 - Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 21 May 2018: For the first time in Ramadan, six soap operas are tackling terrorism and extremism issues, how to combat them and how, in some cases, the oppressed may turn to be oppressive. This comes in an effort from producers to perform the main role of drama, which is to reflect reality.

“Amr Wakea” (Matter of Fact)

amr wake3

Famous Egyptian actor Karim Fahmy performs the role of a police officer combating terrorism who is assigned to thwart a terrorist operation before it occurs. The series stars Reem Mustafa, Ahmed Wafik, Nabil el-Halafawy, Noha Abdeen, Mallak Koura and others. “Amr Wakea” is written by Mohamed Refaat and directed by Magdy el Samiry.



In “Malika”, terrorism is one of the important storylines that intersect with Malika’s story. The series revolves around a terrorist facing a lot of problems while aiming to conceal his activities. The series stars Dina el Sherbiny, Ramez Amir, Mostafa Fahmy, Nada Bassiouny and others. “Malika” is written by Mohamed Soliman Abdel Malek and directed by Sherif Ismail.

“Al Siham Al Mariqa” (Rogue Arrows)


“Al Siham Al Mariqa” presents a different view of ISIS and terrorism – through a village whose people suffer from the oppression of terrorist groups. The series stars a notable group of actors from different Arab countries, such as Egyptian actor Sherif Salama, Tunisian actress Aicha ben Ahmed, Lebanese actress Diamand Bou Abboud, Saudi actor Hisham Fageeh and Iraqi actor Kamel Ibrahim, among others. The series is written by Sherine Diab, Mohamed Diab and Khaled Diab and directed by Mahmoud Kamel.

“Nesr El Saeed” (Hawk of Upper Egypt)


Starring Mohamed Ramadan, Dorra, Sayed Ragab, Wafaa Amer, Dina and Mahmoud El-Leithy, this series revolves around a police officer named Zain, played by Mohamed Ramadan, who combats terrorism in Sinai. He lives in Qena and is married to a Cairene girl (Dorra) against the will of her family. After a fierce confrontation with an Upper Egyptian businessman involved in illegal business, Zain suddenly becomes a prisoner, fighting to prove his innocence. The series is written by Mohamed Abdel Moaty and directed by Yasser Samy.

“Kalabsh: Part II” (Handcuffs: Part II)


Following his great success last Ramadan, Amir Karara returns as the brave police officer Selim El-Ansari, who is now promoted to supervisor of Aqrab Prison. His life turns upside down when his parents are killed and he is seriously wounded by the killer. Rogina and Hala Fakher co-star in the series, which is written by Baher Diwedar and directed by Peter Mimi. After airing its first episode, “Kalabsh: Part II” achieved the highest number of views on YouTube compared to other Egyptian series, with about 1 million views of the first episode.

“Abu Omar Al-Masry”


Egyptian lawyer Fakhreldin, played by Ahmed Ezz, founds an association, along with a group of other lawyers, to seek solutions to the problems of modest citizens who cannot afford big-shot lawyers and their excessive fees. However, it is not long until they provoke a member of the security services who wants to stop their dream of an ideal society. After Fakhreldin survives an assassination attempt in which his cousin is killed, he travels to Paris, and then to Sudan, where he becomes the leader of an armed Islamic group and returns for revenge. The series is written by Ezzeldin Shoukry and Mariam Naoum and co-stars Arwa Gouda and Fathy Abdelwahab.



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