What will you be watching in Ramadan? Ep.2



Tue, 09 May 2017 - 08:18 GMT


Tue, 09 May 2017 - 08:18 GMT



Cairo_9 May 2017:The countdown to Ramadan continues! Egypt Today resumes revealing what is to come on your soap-opera watch-list.

1-Li’ala Se’r (With the highest price)

Li’ala Se’r is a series starring the popular actress Nelly Karim. Karim performed in booming, successful series in the past few years, mainly tragic ones, such as Segn el-Nesaa (Women’s Prison), Tahet el-Saytra (Under Control) and Soqoot Hor (Free Fall).
This year Karim decided to get out of her comfort zone, and plays the leading role in the romantic series Li’ala Se’r. The series’ main theme is a love story between Karim, performing the role of a ballerina, and the well-known actor and singer Ahmed Fahmy. Their relationship faces a lot of obstacles and challenges. Will Karim and Fahmy succeed in overcoming those obstacles?

Besides Karim and Fahmy the series features many noted actors, such as Nabil el-Halafawy, Khaled Kamal, Ahmed Magdy, Mohamed Hatem, and actresses Zeina, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Sarah Salama, Randa Hafez and Haidy Moussa. The series’ scriptwriter is Medhat el-Adl and is directed by Mando el-Adl.

2- Khalsana Beshyaka (Elegantly Ended)

Khalsana Beysheyaka is a long awaited comedy which witnesses the unprecedented cooperation of three mega comedians: Ahmed Mekky, Hisham Maged and Chico. The “comedy bomb” is divided into two parts. The first part revolves around three friends who live in the same neighbourhood, and because of their recklessness, they are exposed to many problems and comic situations. The second part depicts human conflict, the break out of WWIII and the fear of human extinction.
The actors co-starring with the trio are Mohamed Osama (Osos) and Hussein Abo Hagag. Dina el-Sherbiny, Dina Mohsen (Wizoo) and Malak Kora also joined the cast. The series is written by Farouk Hisham and Ahmed el-Mohamady, and directed by Hisham Fathy.

3- Ard Gaw (Between Sky and Land)
A flight attendant, Ghada Abdelrazek, lives a normal quiet life when a problem suddenly arises, turning her life upside down. Later, she decides avenge herself, only to end up accused of hijacking a plane. Did she abduct the plane as a kind of revenge? Or is there a secret plot behind the happenings?

The series also features Mohamed Karim, Mourad Makram, Abdelrahman Abou Zahra, Youssef Othamn and Ahmed el-Awady. Nahla Salama, Maha Abou Ouf, Ferial Youssef and Nadia Khairy play the female roles. Ard Gaw is authored by Mohamed Abdelmoaty and directed by Mohamed Gomaa.

4- Wahet El-Ghoroub (Sunset Oasis)
Wahet El-Ghoroub is the poker-awarded novel written by the one and only, Bahaa Taher. The novel is considered Taher’s masterpiece. It recounts the story of Mahmoud Abdel-Zaher, an Egyptian police officer, who is transferred to Siwa Oasis after being accused of supporting the revolutionary ideas of Jamal al-Din al-Afghani. Abdel-Zaher travels to the oasis with his foreign wife, Katherine, to begin a new experience, merging East and West values.

Star Khaled el-Nabawy was cast for Abdel Zaher’s role, and the celebrated actress Menna Shalaby plays Katherine’s role. The series’ cast-list includes Mohamed Aly, Monzer Rayahana, Khaled Kamal and Sayed Ragab. The actresses participating in the series are Salwa Mohamed Aly, Nahed Roshdy, Ragaa Hussein and Carol el-Hag. Wahet El-Ghoroub is scripted by Maraim Naoum and directed by Kamla Abou Zekry.

5- Lamey El-Ott
Our hero is a private school bus driver, performed by the star Muhammad Imam. One day while driving the children home, one of the parents kidnaps the school bus and asks for a large ransom. Will our hero succeed in saving the students?

The series hosts a group of young talents and renowned names; for instance, Omar Mostafa Metwally, Mohamed Sallam, Hassan Hosny and Ahmed Fathy, in addition to Tara Emad, Dina Mohsen (Wizzo) and Ragaa el-Gedawi. Lamey El-Ott is written by Hazem el-Hadidi, directed by Amr Arafa.



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