7 Must-Watch YouTube Channels This Ramadan



Mon, 20 Jun 2016 - 05:56 GMT


Mon, 20 Jun 2016 - 05:56 GMT

Between the mega productions gracing the region's TV screens and the YouTube stars creating content especially for Ramadan, there are a lot of great shows to keep up with - which can be difficult.

Curiosity drives many of our decisions about which show to watch. And we want to help you satisfy that curiosity. In addition to original YouTube videos being uploaded just for Ramadan, some of the region’s most anticipated series have found a home on the platform as well. You can watch these shows wherever and whenever you want, from the comfort of your sofa using Chromecast or during your commute to work on the metro.

Here are seven YouTube channels - in no particular order - to help you keep up with all the great shows this Ramadan.

1. CBC Egypt


Marvel at Yehia El-Fakharany’s latest work or learn how to make a classic Ramadan dish with Chef Sherbini, all uploaded to the CBC Egypt YouTube channel in HD.

2. Watan Network


The TV station’s YouTube channel is the online home of Khatoun, a period drama bringing together some of Syria’s and the Arab world’s best actors.

3. HaylaTV


YouTube Change Ambassador Hayla Ghazal has been making her viewers laugh for years. This Ramadan, The Diary of a Teenage Girl tells the story of the every-day life of a Middle Eastern teenager and her family. Watch out for Hayla in a fake mustache.

4. Al Hayah TV


Al Hayah TV is one of the many broadcasters uploading the shows being aired on its channel to YouTube. One of the shows, The Singer, tells the story of one of Egypt’s most popular artists, and joins a number of other acclaimed Ramadan TV series you can find on the Al Hayah YouTube channel.

5. Jay’s Cherry


Ramadan tents usually bring family, friends and scrumptious iftars together in one place. Through her show, Juju’s Ramadan Tent, Saudi YouTube creator Juhara Al Sajer is bringing her hundreds of thousands of followers tips and tricks to help them enjoy the best of the holy month.

6. The Saudi Reporters


In their first Ramadan special, brothers Abdulaziz and Abdullah, the Saudi Reporters duo, take on the challenging task of running Ramadan-related errands. The two have been making their one million-plus subscribers laugh since 2010, and they are not hitting the breaks this Ramadan.



ONTV’s YouTube channel boasts some of the most anticipated Ramadan series this year, from Khaled El Nabawy’s Seven Souls to Youssef El Sherif’s action thriller The Caesar.



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