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Fri, 27 Oct 2017 - 09:26 GMT


Fri, 27 Oct 2017 - 09:26 GMT

The Danish Experience Theater – By Egypt Today Staff

The Danish Experience Theater – By Egypt Today Staff

CAIRO – 27 October 2017: The third season of “the Danish Experience” is displaying at AUC Falaki Theatre. The play is about how acting makes the bad traits people fear will hold them back can become the unlikely engine that propels us forward.

The comedy play is presented by “Al’allam Mowazi” (Parallel World). It is an emerging project aimed at taking audiences to another world full of fun and excitement.

Before being known as Parallel World, it was just a cast for the Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University performing many plays such as “the Forty Rules of Love,” according to the producer Nancy Alam el Din.

Improvised and at the same time mixed with elements of the play “Hamlet,” “the Danish Experience” revolves around a young and talented Egyptian called Karim who wants to pursue his dream of acting. His family does not encourage him, believing that acting is a waste of time and will destroy his future. His bossy father in particular fiercely opposes his talent, forcing Karim to act without his knowledge.

Karim’s mother tries to convince him that acting is loss of time- By Egypt Today Staff
When Karim stages a rendition of Hamlet, he is disappointed when everyone in his family refuses to go see it.

After the play Karim absorbs the persona of Hamlet and worries his family who seeks medical help. A doctor tells the family they should go along with it as Karim seems to be reenacting the play itself, as he believes Karim would return to normal once Hamlet is killed in the play.

Hamlet controls Karim’s character – By Egypt Today Staff
His family exerts a lot of effort into going along with this request. Throughout the play several hilarious moments ensue as Karim’s family tries to placate Karim’s new persona while dealing with the law, religious extremists and their neighbors.

The Doctor tries to tell them the only way of curing Karim is to act with him – By Egypt Today Staff
“All these characters, after understanding Karim’s case and beginning to act, have gone through changes. Acting directs them to use their worst traits to fuel their best assets,” Bassem al-Gundi, who acted as Karim’s father said.

The play is called the Danish Experience because Hamlet was Danish.

Gundi said the play first aired at the Grand Theater Festival organized by Ain Shams University.

Although the play is a comedy, with the music, lighting at the stage it also expresses the huge conflict between Karima and his father which reflects the traditional mentality of the community which does not recognize their children’s talents.

Gundi said that the theatrical activities are flourishing especially after the appearance of Egypt Teatro theater.



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