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Thu, 14 Aug 2014 - 08:59 GMT


Thu, 14 Aug 2014 - 08:59 GMT

Egyptian stars who died in troubled circumstances
Compiled by Alia Ibrahim
They made us laugh and help us take our minds of our troubles. But off-screen, some of Egypt's most beloved comedians were hounded by their own troubles right up to the time of their death. ZINAT SEDKY (1913 – 1978)


This comedienne made 165 films, including Ibn Hamido and Sharea El Hob. Before Sedky became an actress, her father married her off before she could finish her education. Later in life she resorted to selling her furniture so that she could feed herself. She died after suffering from water on her lungs. ISMAIL YASSIN (1912 – 1972)

X-Ismail Yassin-xxx

Yassin had 238 films to his credit including Ismail Yassin fel Ostoul andHamaty Malak. As a child, his mother died and his father was in jail. Later in life he was in trouble with the tax authority. He died of a heart attack with LE 10 to his name. ABDEL EL SALAM EL NABOULSY (1899 – 1968) [caption id="attachment_17683" align="alignnone" width="400"]X-AbdElSalam-xxx El Naboulsy (Left)[/caption] El Naboulsy made 138 films including Yom Men Omry and El Fanous El Sehry. The comedian got into legal battles with the tax authority, and when his bank went bankrupt so did he. He had a heart condition that he kept secret and ultimately died of a heart attack. ABDEL FATTAH EL KOSARY (1905 – 1964)


El Kosary had 106 film credits to his name including Ibn Hamido and Sokar Hanem. He went blind while on stage and later suffered from memory loss. His wife took all his money when they divorced, the government demolished his house, he then had to move to a room in a basement. When he died, only four people besides his family attended his funeral.



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