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Mon, 28 Aug 2017 - 10:49 GMT


Mon, 28 Aug 2017 - 10:49 GMT

Hend Sabry - A still from the official trailer

Hend Sabry - A still from the official trailer

CAIRO – 27 August 2017: This is huge! Renowned director Sherif Arafa, famous writer Abdel Raheem Kamal and a cast of the biggest stars in the Middle East among which: Mohamed Saad, Mohamed Ramadan, Hend Sabry, Ruby, Amina Khalil and more, all came together to produce this Epic: “El Kenz” which translates “The Treasure”.

The trailer is AMAZING! It begins with short shots of Mohamed Ramadan, Mohamed Saad and Hend Sabry introducing them as the major anchors of the story which revolves around historical events of corruption from four different Egyptian eras: Ancient Egypt, Fatimid Caliphate, the 40s and the 70s and it is expected that the movie has a sequel.

Amina Khalil and Hend Sabry - A still from the official trailer

Pharaohs: Hend Sabry plays the role of Hatshepsut, the ancient Egyptian, joined by Hany Adel, Mohey Ismail and Abdel Aziz Makhion. We can see how the ancient Egyptian sets look accurately amazing. Hend looks breathtaking even when she is training to fight, and it seems like some romance might be introduced between her and Hany Adel who looks like he is playing the role of a peasant.

Hany Adel - A still from the official trailer

Fatimid: in spite the fact that he is playing an action hero role, Mohamed Ramadan seems much calmer than he usually is in any of his movies, and the fact that he plays a historical character (Ali El Zebaq) is quite exciting. He is joined in that era with Sawsan Badr, El Shahat Mabrouk, and Ruby (where there seems to be some romance as well).

Mohamed Ramadan and Ruby - A still from the official trailer

Audience can notice how innocent Ruby’s smile looks right after this frame in the trailer (1:13), it shows how much of a sincere actress she is.

Ruby’s smile - A still from the official trailer

40s to 70s: you see Mohamed Saad being serious to the extent that he is almost scary, which is different from the comedy parts he usually plays. Along the trailer he seems to be leaving a recorded message for Ahmed Hatem (his son in the movie) telling him about a great secret that is related to all the eras of the movie and focuses on corruption and conflict. Saad plays the part in the two eras accompanied by Ahmed Rezq, Haitham Ahmed Zaky, Ahmed Amin, and Amina Khalil who Saad seems to be having an abusive relationship with.

Mohamed Saad - A still from the official trailer

Feast to your eyes: notably the costumes and decors are very unique and indicate the amount of time and effort put into the movie. The action seems very well made within a harmonious drama which is not a surprise from Abdel Rehim Kamal the writer of


and Younis weld Fada and Sherief Arafa the director of

El gezira


Welad el am

. Despite the well- formulated action, this jump is similar to theone displayed on English film “Assassins creed”.

A still from the official trailer

Assassins creed - Allegra Frank – Wikimedia commons

Music to your ears: we have kept the best for last, this trailer sounds amazing! From the depths of voices between narrations and Amina Khalil’s deep gorgeous singing voice which leaves you stunned, to the crescendo and cinematic drop in music which fills you with anticipation, this trailer will make you want to book your tickets before leaving your seat.

Amina Khalil - A still from the official trailer

The movie will be released on the 1st of September which is also the first day of Eid Al-Adha



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