Syrian Faya Younan: music between modernity and originality



Fri, 25 Aug 2017 - 09:45 GMT


Fri, 25 Aug 2017 - 09:45 GMT

Faya Younan poster

Faya Younan poster

CAIRO – 25 August 2017: Faya Younan has a sound that takes your breath away from its softness and power altogether. Her blue eyes take you away to shores to be enslaved by her waves, encouraging you to turn on the music, close your eyes and let your imagination carry you in a beautiful adventure.

“Syria is in the heart of my music, even the emotional ones. It exists in the lyrics, accent, and music,” Younan told Egypt Today in a recent interview, adding that she is working with her team to produce a unique quality of music which combines originality and modernity.

Younan’s songs mainly show off her commitment to her Syrian identity; which she portrays through singing whether in a classical Arabic or Syrian accent. The young aspiring singer also performs traditional and classical songs from the Arabic library that features Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon.

“We need music and topics that fit our generation and our identity, represent authenticity and show the beauty of eastern music and instruments,” Younan mentioned.

Younan was born in Syria in 1992 and raised up in the city of beauty and art, Aleppo; then she moved with her family to Sweden, where art is a thriving part of the national culture, but she kept Aleppo inside her heart and soul as the real meaning of homeland.

Her fascinating talent appeared at an early age, and although having a Masters of Arts in Economics and Business Management from the University of Glasgow, her love for music set fire to her path and allowed her to spread her message.

Her melodies took on the stages of Stockholm in a number of cultural events. Younan later decided to promote covers for original songs online to send her warm voice and music to millions of people.

Fairouz song by Faya Younan

The real turning point in her life was two years ago when she created a musical project, ‘To Our Countries,’ with her sister Rihan and a group of young people who live in Sweden, that are originally from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine .

Both sisters decided to reveal their pain and express their sorrow over their homelands. In an eight-minute video you see through the poetry of Rihan and Faya’s sound the black tragedy of these countries.

Approximately 1.8 million viewers listened to that video shedding light on Younan and easily discerning Younan’s distinctive future. The video went viral and was effective as the sisters were invited to perform the song as the opening act to the renowned Carthage Film Festival.

To our countries video

Younan is celebrating this year the release of her debut album after a crowd sourcing campaign. The album consists of nine songs. Three songs are emotional and the others are a loving tribute to her homeland. It was officially performed in a concert in Beirut where she currently lives right now.

Ya laitaho yaalam video

Younan is performing in concerts and festivals in the Arab world, and she has recently performed a concert in Egypt in the Chinese Garden and in the Cairo Opera House, before she went to Carthage Music Festival 2017 in Tunisia, the Roman Theatre Amman and Damascus Opera in Syria.

Damascus Opera

On her latest concert in Egypt, Younan says that it was one of the closest concerts to her heart: “the Egyptian audience have a smart sense of humor and interact nicely with songs which bring life to the stage, and I am looking forward to my next concert in Egypt that will be in Alexandria,” she said.

Younan also stated that the number of audience who attended the concert exceeded expectations, about 4,000, and they were all singing and engaging with the atmosphere of the concert. She performed some songs from her album in addition to some old Egyptian songs.



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