Dalida's songs celebrated in Dubai


Tue, 15 Aug 2017 - 03:11 GMT

Dalida - File photo

Dalida - File photo

CAIRO -15 August 2017: Egypt-born international superstar Dalida was paid homage on Tuesday 15 August at the famous Dubai French restaurant Bistrot Bagatelle. It was an exceptional edition of their gastro-music weekly night Le Mardi C’est Permis.

According to the National, Dalida was famous for singing in multiple languages, including Arabic, Italian, English, Hebrew, Greek, and most importantly French. The restaurant's DJ acknowledges Dalida's role in adding the flavor of the Arab culture to France’s mainstream, as reported by the National Emirati website.

Dalida is a highly recognized music icon especially in France. There is a street in Paris named after her, which is in the neighborhood she used to reside in. With her impressive repertoire of songs in many languages, Dalida remains to be a widely acclaimed and cherished singer.

“She is still very popular and famous in France and there are talent shows such as Star Academy and The Voice that still do Dalida songs,” said Anne, the French singer who commemorated Dalida by singing her songs during the homage.

Also, in 2016, a French movie called Dalida was produced to commemorate her life, success with music, as well as her personal life.



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