Will Amr Diab’s brown flowery shirt be this summer’s trend?



Thu, 13 Jul 2017 - 09:34 GMT


Thu, 13 Jul 2017 - 09:34 GMT

Amr Diab - Facebook Page

Amr Diab - Facebook Page

CAIRO – 13 July 2017: Stars and celebrities are always people’s role models in fashion. They run to have their outfits, haircuts, jewelry and even tattoos. But it seems that the shirt of Egyptian star Amr Diab in the poster of his new album will be the trend this summer.

Diab released on Monday the cover of his upcoming album ‘Maady El Nas,’ which means incomparable. It shows him wearing a green flowery printed short-sleeve shirt, beige short pants and long brown hair. The poster went viral on social media just hours after the announcement.

Fans started to share and create hashtags, memes and comics about his new look, which shows him much younger.

Diab’s new albums and posters always stir controversy, as he has a huge fan base across the Arab world.

Also his new tattoo, which carries the name ‘Stamina,’ captured people’s attention, looking up what this word means, with some saying that it refers to the challenges and difficulties he defeated throughout his long journey in the field.

Diab has trended the fashion in Egypt with some unforgettable looks. We can start with his most famous pullover, which he wore in the video clip of his ‘Tammaly Maak’ (Always With You) song that was released in 2000.

He used a similar pullover again in 2015 as part of a marketing campaign for telecommunications company Vodafone

Amr Diab blue pullover - facebbok

Another trendy outfit was in his album titled ‘Allem Alby’ (Teach My Heart), which was released in 2003. Diab appeared in the video clip of ’Ana Ayesh’ with long brown hair, an icecap, scarf, tanned skin and no beard.

Finally, who can forget the blue sunglasses, headphones and doglas in his ’El Allem Allah’ video clip?



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