EU ambassadors visit Mosque of Amir al-Maridani in Darb al-Ahmar


Thu, 14 Oct 2021 - 02:08 GMT

Mosque of Amir al-Maridani in Darb al-Ahmar

Mosque of Amir al-Maridani in Darb al-Ahmar

CAIRO – 14 October 2021:  Head of the EU delegation in Egypt Christian Berger together with ambassadors of 13 European countries visited Mosque of Amir al-Maridan in Darb al-Ahmar neighborhood on Thursday.





The tour comes on the occasion of the EU's financing of the first restoration stage of the 14th-century mosque in cooperation with Aga Khan Foundation, a nonprofit development organization.





Berger expressed his happiness over the tour, saying "once again we come here with our families to enjoy the rich Egyptian heritage and see the restoration of the ancient mosque that was financed by the European Union".





The first stage of restoration covered the prayer's hall wall which was full of cracks.





Al-Maridani Mosque was built in AD 1340 just outside the city wall near Zuweila Gate and is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in Old Cairo.





The mosque has three entrances and a dome supported by eight granite pillars. It houses an interior garden with trees. Its mashrabiya (turned wood) screens and wooden ceiling are spectacular, as are its stained-glass windows.





However, the mosque fell into disrepair due to its location in the middle of a still-active urban area as well as damage caused by sewer water.



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