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Wed, 04 Aug 2021 - 03:02 GMT


Wed, 04 Aug 2021 - 03:02 GMT

FIlE - Alexandria Opera House

FIlE - Alexandria Opera House


CAIRO – 4 August 2021: With the summer season and the high temperatures, most Egyptians head to the coastal cities to spend their vacation.




Some vacationers enjoy theaters and cinemas beside their visits to the beaches and resorts.




In the following report, ET reviews the most important theaters in Egyptian coastal cities:






Alexandria has several theaters and cultural centers, including the Zizinia Theatre, built in 1918. It was formerly named Teatro Mohammad Ali, and has been named Alexandria Opera House as of 1962. Its theater bears the name of the Alexandrian artist Sayed Darwish. 


In Alexandria, one can also enjoy Mohamed Abdel Wahab Theatre, Al-Salam Theatre, Lycée Theater and Luna Park Theatre, as well as cinemas such as “Rialto”, “Rio”, “Amir”, “Alexandria Metro” and “Feryal” (named after the daughter of former King of Egypt Farouk), which were all founded by foreign companies in 1930s.


That is in addition to a large number of newly established cinemas owned by Egyptian companies specialized in the field of film production and communications, with a number of cinemas established in modern shopping centers.




Masra Matrouh


Matrouh Governorate includes a number of theaters that present various theatrical and musical performances, including the North Coast Theater, which hosts major theatrical performances, and the Matrouh Culture Palace Theater, which presents various artistic performances and workshops.


On Marsa Matrouh Corniche, the Beach Theater as well as various cinemas are located. This includes  Al-Salam Cinema and a number of culture houses spread across the governorate. 




Port Said:


Port Said Governorate houses a number of major theaters that hosts many theatrical shows and performances throughout the year, including Port Said University Theater, Port Said Opera Theater, and the Cultural Center Theater.






Hurghada housee many private theaters located in the tourist resorts, and a number of major theaters such as the Hurghada Culture Palace Theater and the Floating Theater.




Ras El-Bar:


The coastal city includes a number of theaters, including the Ras El-Bar Culture Palace theater, and the Andalus Theater and Cinema.






The governorate includes several theaters, including the Ismailia Culture Palace Theater and the Roman Theatre.




Theaters of South and North Sinai:


In the governorates of South and North Sinai, there are a large number of theaters, such as Al-Arish Culture Palace Theater and the Dahab Culture House.










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