Arab Culture Day celebrated on July 25



Sun, 25 Jul 2021 - 02:03 GMT


Sun, 25 Jul 2021 - 02:03 GMT

Shape of Arabic letters - APK Pure

Shape of Arabic letters - APK Pure

CAIRO – 25 July 2021: Culture is a social behavior and a standard by which human societies are measured, as it is the outcome of social activity in a society, lifestyles, behavior, and the patterns of values prevailing in it.




Based on the importance of promoting Arab culture, July 25 of each year was designated as a day to celebrate culture under the name "Arab Culture Day", especially since the Arab people crave for unity and solidarity, which is what culture can achieve, in addition to the involvement of civil society in the promotion of culture, as "expressing people".




Not to mention unifying efforts in the face of storms that threaten Arab culture, as it plays an influential and important role in societies, especially since "cultural waste" in the Arab world is great, so it is necessary to protect the Arab mind, and encourage creativity and innovation initiatives.




Since language and culture are twins, more attention should be paid to the Arabic language, as it is the most important means of expressing feelings, rituals and intellectual production.




Language is also one of many criteria for measuring the rise and fall of civilizations, and the rise and fall of cultures.




Arab culture consists of two main elements: the Arabic language and Islam, hence the insistence of some to call it "Arab-Islamic culture". Language is the vessel of all sciences, a tool of scientific, artistic and ordinary expression and understanding, and a means of influencing the mind and feeling, its literature, prose, poetry, wisdom, proverbs, stories, legends, and all its colors and artistic tools.




It is noteworthy that the Arabic language spread centuries ago over a wide and extended area of the world, even before the fall of Andalusia. The Arabic language has not become extinct, because God Almighty has guaranteed its preservation by preserving the Noble Qur’an.




However, this divine promise does not include a guarantee that the Arabic language will not be marginalized if its Arab inhabitants, Muslims and non-Muslims, neglect it.




Hence, whoever fights the Arabic language, as a result, fights the Arab culture, for the enemies of this nation were nothing but weakening classical, spreading colloquialism, exalting the foreign language over the national language, abolishing the Arabic letter in writing, and substituting the Latin letter in its place.




Therefore, it is necessary to celebrate the Arab culture by holding intellectual and poetic activities and events, and making sure to teach youngsters their primary language, and urging them to be proud of it.




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