On International Museum Day: ET reviews 5 of Egypt’s cultural museums



Tue, 18 May 2021 - 12:15 GMT


Tue, 18 May 2021 - 12:15 GMT

Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum - Ashraf Sewaillam

Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum - Ashraf Sewaillam

CAIRO – 18 May 2021: On International Museum Day, ET reviews five of Egypt’s cultural museums.



Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum:


The museum's holdings include a rare collection of Japanese-style Enro cases.These holdings occupy the ground floor of the museum, along with the first and second floors. The basement is occupied by the administration, library, information center and a large hall for research discussion.




Museum Of Modern Egyptian Art:


This museum is different from other Egyptian museums, as it combines an unlimited number of intellectual trends. In the museum, you can find paintings from the Realism, Abstract, Surrealism, Cubism and Dada schools of art. The artists’ production was so diverse that a single artist’s collection exhibited in the museum comprises numerous schools of artduring his life stages.




Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum:


Mukhtar Museum is a museum in Cairo, Egypt that houses the statues of the Egyptian sculptor Mahmoud Mukhtar (May 10, 1891 - March 28, 1934). Mukhtar is considered one of the few pioneering artists in sculpture and the owner of the famous Renaissance statue of Egypt. His museum is considered a destination for art students in Egypt and a testament to an important historical and political period.




Mohamed Nagy Museum: 


The museum includes 1,200 paintings distributed among two main galleries; the first was the artist's studio, while the second was created by the Ministry of Culture to display paintings. This is in addition to a library and a store that contains some works and collectibles.




Gamal Abdel Nasser Museum:


The museum consists of two floors. The main halls represent both main offices of the late president in each of the ground and first floors, and the salons attached to them, have been preserved. That is in addition to the late president’s bedroom, the living room, two salons on the ground floor, and two halls housing collectibles.










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