Egypt’s ’Hagma Mortada’ reveals the conspiracies that surrounds 25th of January revolution


Mon, 10 May 2021 - 02:27 GMT

File: Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry.

File: Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry.

CAIRO - 10 May 2021: Egyptian series “Hagma Mortada” ( Counter Attack) in its 27th episode revealed  the conspiracies that surrounded 25th of January revolution and how different foreign powers, intelligences and Muslim Brotherhood used this great revolution to achieve their personal interests.


The series tackled the preparations of the revolution from the side of the patriotic Egyptian youth who demonstrated asking for better future but at the same time highlighted how foreign powers used this revolution to weaken Egypt.


This was clear from the meeting of Saeed Khalil ( Ahmed Halawa) the head of Gabarty center with one of the foreign ambassadors.


The meeting discussed how they can benefit from this revolution in cooperation with Muslim Brotherhood.


Dina Abou Zeid ( Hend Sabry) tried to know what happen in the meeting by taking the paper Khalil used in the meeting to write some notes and gave it to Egyptian intelligence officer Heba ( Nada Moussa).


On the other hand Seif el Araby ( Ahmed Ezz) brother Hazem ( Khaled Anwar) was killed during a terrorist attack that targeted the hospital he was working in.




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