Planning Minister Hala el Saeed said in a statement on Thursday that the platform represents one of the mechanisms to spread the culture of entrepreneurship, support small and medium enterprises and encourage youth projects.

The new move comes within the framework of the Egyptian state and the Ministry of Planning's efforts to support entrepreneurship and encourage youth to create job opportunities by themselves, she said.

Saeed asserted the keenness of the ministry to provide mechanisms supporting the entrepreneurship thinking, saying the ministry is keen on establishing business incubators via “Rowad 2030” project that was launched by the ministry to spread the free business culture and support youth thinking in order to participate in the economic development operations, provide job opportunities and decrease unemployment rates.

Launching this platform is an important step that supports digital transformation and activates the mechanisms of modern technology, she asserted.

She said the State spares no efforts to support digital transformation and use of technology means to upgrade the level of services and projects and to be able to compete according to the world competitiveness indicators.

Meanwhile, Facebook Managing Director in the Middle East and North Africa Ramez Shehadi said Facebook is committed to provide the tools that would enable small and medium enterprises push forward economic growth wheel, creating job opportunities and boosting local societies in Egypt,

The Founder of Rise Up Foundation Abdel Hamid Sharara said the Business BOT program will provide support needed by the different companies in the Middle East and North Africa. (MENA)