In a statement issued Thursday by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development the minister said, promoting the communication and technology sector, moving to digital transformation and upping investments in this field are among the State's top priorities.

"Total investments allocated for the communication sector within 2020/2021national budget mount to dlrs 10 bn, with a 300% increase," noted the minister.

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development fully supports Egypt's digital initiative and all efforts on this score, that are meant to hone skills of Egyptians and enhance their capabilities, with a view to achieving comprehensive sustainable development, thus striking Egypt's 2030 vision, she added.

The DEBI was announced during the opening of a number of educational facilities by President Sisi in September 2020.

The initiative is a free scholarship that aims to build human capital in advanced technical areas and develop youth’s innovative capacities. It targets training 1,000 university students, majoring in engineering and computer science, annually, in tracks including data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, robotics, automation and digital arts.

The initiative is carried out in collaboration with a number of international universities specializing in modern technologies, as well as international companies specialized in ICT, leadership or language skills development.