He hailed the project as being accomplished in record time in view of the coronavirus challenges, commending the painstaking efforts exerted by ENPPI, Petrojet and Assiut Oil Refining Company (ASORC).

The minister made the remarks on Thursday while inspecting the complex and other vital fuel projects in Upper Egypt governorates.

He noted that the complex at dlrs 450 million investment secures about 800,000 tons of fuel annually, adding that this amount was previously imported to cater for local market needs.

The minister added that a new diesel oil complex has been also established by the Assiut National Oil Processing Co. (ANOPEC).

The complex at dlrs 2.9 billion produces about 2.8 million tons of diesel oil, 400,000 tons of naphtha which is used for producing high-octane fuel, 100,000 tons of butane gas, 300,000 tons of coal and 66,000 tons of sulfur.

The minister underlined that the Upper Egypt governorates are at the core of the president's interest, adding that Upper Egypt projects are top priority for the government.