Egypt's agricultural exports record positive levels despite COVID-19



Sun, 01 Nov 2020 - 10:56 GMT


Sun, 01 Nov 2020 - 10:56 GMT

FILE - Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil

FILE - Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil

CAIRO – 1 November 2020: Egypt's agricultural exports have recorded very positive levels during the past months, despite what the world has witnessed of economic pressures and a complete or partial lockdown in dozens of countries due to the emerging Corona epidemic crisis "Covid 19", Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil said Sunday.


Gamil stressed that this success is due to efforts of the state and agricultural investment companies, which confirm the solidity and strength of the sector and the great capabilities it possesses for production and stable growth under all circumstances and variables.


He added that the trend adopted by the state in recent years, through betting on the agricultural sector other than reclamation and greenhouse projects, the development of irrigation and extension systems, production, supply chains, and industrial and transformative activities related to the sector, contributed strongly to providing a stable base for the start, stability and preservation of Egyptian agriculture. “The growth and booms it has achieved in recent years, while active companies, active investment and production centers in the market, and the influx of new private and government investments have contributed to providing wider opportunities for expansion and enhancing production.”


This integrated system helped to manage the needs of the local market, and provided a large supply of food commodities to the degree that led to controlling commercial circulation and prices and enhancing food security, as well as providing large surpluses and quality of quality crops, high competitiveness in foreign markets, and with stable conditions locally, and the country's success in managing the Corona crisis and controlling its risks, according to Gamil.


“Our exports have not been disrupted over the past months. Rather, we have witnessed high demand and millions of tons poured into dozens of markets, achieving huge returns for investors and broad benefits to the state through the dollar portfolio, adjusting the trade balance and other indicators of the economy,” he stated.


He referred to the growth of agricultural exports during the past ten months exceeding 4.5 million tons, noting that this is a great success for the state’s strategies and its bet on the agricultural sector and related industries, especially since the coming period witnesses global developments regarding the coronavirus crisis, and possibilities for many countries to lockdown again, which is what may affect the supply chains and the flow of commodities and products from many prominent countries in terms of agriculture and food production.


According to Gamil, with the stability of Egypt and its control over the epidemiological situation, it is expected that the demand for local products of agricultural crops and food will increase. Therefore, the next three months may witness a great growth in exports, to end 2020 with export rates significantly exceeding the currently recorded one.


“With the direct benefit from this growth, the biggest gain is revitalizing the sector and motivating investors to expand their activities or pumping investments and establishing new projects to take advantage of the sector's opportunities and the comparative advantages that Egypt possesses and the state's support for investment and development in this field, which means that the sector may witness further expansion. And the growth of business and projects and the addition of larger volumes of space, production, employment, exports and supply in the local market,” he noted.


The businessman emphasized the importance of continuing the state of integration and concerted efforts between the state and the private sector, especially in light of the comprehensive development vision of the political leadership and the goals of the sustainable development strategy "Egypt Vision 2030", in addition to the huge potential that the private sector possesses and the ability to directly grow, effectively contributing to the reclamation plan and increasing the agricultural area.


He pointed out that the largest package of Egypt's agricultural exports belongs to major companies and giant production complexes. Those successful experiences will make it easy to achieve faster production and export leaps, to promote our national brands on a larger scale and to own additional brands of high commercial and economic value. 


“The most important thing is that with this comprehensive and regular growth, we will reach market coverage, achieve sufficiency in dozens of basic commodities, and reduce consumer prices, which means reducing inflation and improving the livelihood, nutrition and health of millions of citizens of all groups and ages,” he added.



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