Supply minister: Strategic stock of commodities suffices for 6 months 3 last Cairo


Fri, 22 May 2020 - 10:36 GMT

Food supply- CC via Flickr/ Magharebia

Food supply- CC via Flickr/ Magharebia

CAIRO- 22 May 2020: The supply minister asserted that the supply offices in the governorates have been upgraded to become citizens service centers, noting that out of 535 centers targeted to be developed nationwide, 130 centers have been finalized.

Cooperation among all bodies amid the coronavirus crisis helped the supply system overcome this crisis without problems.

He pointed out that the process of filtering the ration cards has been finalized.

There had been about 68 million citizens registered as part of the subsidy card system before the filtering process, he said, adding that 70 million citizens are now registered in the system.

A sum of EGP 89 billion is allocated from the state budget to support the ministry, he noted.

The ministry is working to mechanize the issuance of the ration cards under directives of the political leadership as part of the state’s digitization plan, he said.

Meanwhile, he called for the importance of understanding the concept of "coexisting with the virus", expressing his appreciation for the medical staffs involving in the current crisis.

The government has taken all possible measures since the start of the crisis to combat the paramedic.

The Egyptian state is adopting the approach of "voluntary screening" of persons showing the virus-related symptoms, he said, adding that although some countries imposed lockdown, most of the countries realized the difficulty of proceeding with this situation due to its great economic cost.



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