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Fri, 11 Oct 2019 - 10:27 GMT


Fri, 11 Oct 2019 - 10:27 GMT

A Conversation with Mr.Edress Mohamed - CCO of AKAM Developments

A Conversation with Mr.Edress Mohamed - CCO of AKAM Developments

With more than 25 years of experience in the Real Estate market and Tourism field, and with hands-on experience in the commercial sector, specifically Business Development, Market Research and Sales Strategies. Edress Mohamed, who is also the founder of Benayat, Al Assema, and member of Edrees Innovations, is now the Chief Commercial Officer and Board Member of one of Egypt’s rising development companies, AKAM Developments.

Akam developments was established in 2018 from the coalition of three real estate giants; Residence Real Estate Development, Benyat Egypt and Al-Muhaid Group.
We met with Edrees Mohamed to hear all about Akam Developments, its projects and its plan.

Akam is a striving Development company with an innovative vision, can you tell our readers what makes Akam Developments unique?
Our company was established on a new belief. Unfortunately, the focus of companies is how to provide a good housing unit, which is necessary, but what about the client’s needs? This question was the foundation of our company. Akam has a vision of the future tailored according to detailed studies of the market needs and priorities of its clients. This vision is based on building new communities that create perfect living spaces and building a compound that allows the client to enjoy their daily routine.


Tell us more about ‘Scenario New Capital’ and the studies conducted before the execution of the project…
The boost for Akam was to design a project in the New Capital, Scenario, the story of Scenario was a result of several cumulative studies spanning across the past 10 to 15 years. we discovered what the clients seek for in a perfect compound. The studies stated that for that to happen a development company must provide the following; save them time, save them cost, and provide them with inexpensive entertainment. It sounded impossible but we found a way around it.

How did you manage to save time in your client’s lives inside the compound?
The main idea behind helping our clients is to save them time. We listed all possible obstacles that can stand in the way of our client’s happiness and we provided solutions. We built a gym in all buildings and connected the gym with the nursery. We also created an application where they can check on their kids all the time. Furthermore; the Central Kitchen, is a concept where you can buy frozen food or buy ready-made meals with efficient prices.

How do you save them cost?
We provide entertainment inside the compound; cinemas, restaurants, playgrounds, pools, and coffee-shops. We also created ballrooms for events that you can reserve for free. The compound will be full of services that will entertain our residents and save them money


Did the studies require specific demands in the design of the compound?
Modern architecture has something for everyone. Even if your taste may veer towards the opposite side of the design spectrum— there are still elements of modern design that will appeal to you. There is no dearth of colors to jazz up the exterior walls of Scenario. However, a combination of colors seems to catch everyone’s attention immediately. It gives the façade of a building a very contemporary look.

How will you help the client increase their income while living in the compound?
It is simply by creating a community inside the compound where all residents are connected. Many doctors, lawyers, and accountants will be living in Scenario. The managing team of the compound is there to connect the residents with each other, and when someone provides a service, will gain money in return. That’s how you help your clients gain extra money while building a community


What is the major problem in the Development sector now?
After the economic reform the income of the clients didn’t increase to meet the escalation of the prices. So instead of buying a unit worth 2X they buy a unit worth X. We are the only company in Egypt that can say we invented a solution for this dilemma. The studies required that a housing unit must consist of three bedrooms, three toilettes, a reception, a living room, and two balconies, this used to be done in units from 190 up to 300 meters, we made that happen and yet the unit’s size starts from 165 meter, we fulfilled the client’s needs and didn’t exceed their budget.

We thank Mr. Edrees for such an inspiring interview, and we wish him and AKAM Developments all the best of luck.



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