225,800 fruit seedlings exported to 3 countries



Mon, 27 May 2019 - 12:20 GMT


Mon, 27 May 2019 - 12:20 GMT

Strawberries - CC via Wikimedia Commons/Brian Prechtel

Strawberries - CC via Wikimedia Commons/Brian Prechtel

CAIRO - 27 May 2019: Agriculture Seed Committee has approved last week to export 225,800 fruit seedlings to Bahrain, India, and Kenya after making sure they meet all international health plant criteria, a report by the Central Administration for Orchards and Agricultural Crops revealed.

The breakdown is 224,000 strawberry seedlings exported to India, and 1,800 mango (Keitt and Sokary), orange, volkameriana Volkamer lemon, mandarin and annona seedlings exported to the other two countries.

The Central Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture issued a report earlier in May revealing that Egypt's exports of fruits and vegetables rose to 1,700,000 tons since the beginning of the new export season of fruits and vegetables.

Head of the Central Department of Agricultural Quarantine at Ministry of Agriculture Ahmed al-Attar stressed that these shipments were exported to the European Union in accordance with international export quality standards, affirming that the Egyptian agricultural products were exported to various countries without any obstacles.

He explained that the Ministry of Agriculture is applying strict measures on all exports of vegetables and fruits to maintain the reputation of the Egyptian agricultural exports.

In May 2018, Egyptian agricultural exports of vegetables and fruits to various countries of the world increased, amounting to about 2.88 million tons, according to a report by the Agriculture Ministry's Central Administration for Agricultural Quarantine.

Egypt has succeeded in opening new markets for agricultural crops in a large number of countries, especially in China, the European Union and East Asian countries. That is in addition to Egypt's success in lifting the ban on Egyptian agricultural exports in some countries, which confirmed the safety of Egyptian procedures and the quality of their agricultural crops, former Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Abdel Moneim el-Banna said.

Egypt's exports of citrus fruits increased to reach $502 million during 2017-2018, compared to $446 million during 2016-2017.



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