Jakarta welcomes 20th edition of Inacraft 2018


Wed, 25 Apr 2018 - 09:30 GMT

Handmade crafts in the 20th edition of Inacraft 2018 event in Jakarta - photo taken by Nesma Abdel Azim

Handmade crafts in the 20th edition of Inacraft 2018 event in Jakarta - photo taken by Nesma Abdel Azim

JAKARTA – 25 April, 2018: The Indonesian capital Jakarta welcomed on Wednesday the 20th edition of Inacraft 2018, the national exhibition of handmade crafts made by local Indonesian handcrafts.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Indonesian Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, attended by representatives of governorates, ministers and number of foreign ambassadors and businessmen.

The fair was first kicked off in 1999 to encourage the Indonesian handcrafts to improve their crafts and get into the business nationwide, giving them the chance to showcase their crafts to 50 thousand buyers visit the fair on daily basis.

The icon of this year’s edition was the government of North Sumatra, which is famous for its wooden crafts, inviting its local residents to be part of this national event that is held at the same time of the year.

The exhibition was full of the Indonesian traditional handmade stuff, like bags, houseware, clothes and lots of artifacts like paintings and statues that represent the popular folklore.

The Indonesian government is keen on backing the exhibition to be held annually, in an effort to enhance the national economy and to revive the traditional manufacturing.

VP Kalla praised the Indonesian manufacturers for their insistence to maintain their patriotic belonging, and for keeping the traditional crafts alive, in a world controlled by robots and noncreative industries. He asked the Indonesians to be proud of their origins and to keep their heritage alive.

Inacraft is a fair full of colors and well-made crafts that brings back to memory the fundamental characteristics of the Indonesian rich forgotten heritage, go visit at Jakarta Convention Center from April 25-29.



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