Fawry completes investigation: no breach in live production environment



Sun, 26 Nov 2023 - 04:34 GMT


Sun, 26 Nov 2023 - 04:34 GMT

CAIRO – 26 November 2023: Fawry, Egypt’s e-payment solutions company, has announced the successful completion of a comprehensive investigation and analysis of its cybersecurity infrastructure.

This investigation was launched in response to claims made earlier this month regarding a cyberattack on Fawry's systems by the notorious ransomware attacker known as LockBit.

Fawry enlisted the expertise of Group-IB, a renowned creator of cybersecurity technologies specializing in the investigation, prevention, and combatting of digital crimes.

The collaboration aimed to shed light on the alleged breach of Fawry's infrastructure, particularly after LockBit disclosed a portion of data on its dedicated leak site, claiming that it was stolen during the breach.

ingapore's Group-IB confirmed that Fawry's live production segment, which hosts critical applications like myfawry, banking tools, Acceptance, Retail, and Fawry Plus, remained unaffected by the LockBit ransomware attack and was not subjected to any breach. The report issued by Group-IB explicitly stated that this segment was out of the scope of the attack, thereby safeguarding the integrity of Fawry's operations.

This confirmation aligns with Fawry's initial announcement, wherein the company assured its stakeholders that its live production environment had not fallen victim to any breach.

Fawry also emphasized that no banking or card data had been exfirtlated from its platform. It was clarified that the attack had solely encrypted certain files and allegedly exfirtlated data that posed no threat to the safety or security of Fawry's customers or their financial transactions.



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